SolTrack - Tracking system for Solar Parabolic reflectors

Dual Axis Solar Tracking System for parabolic reflectors:

  • ➢ Tracks sun and keep the focus of the dish inside the receiver
    ➢ Automatically starts in the morning and goes back to morning position in the evening
    ➢ Can drive two 24V DC motors
    ➢ Adjustable motor speed
    ➢ Angle based sun tracking
    ➢ Wifi connection for monitoring and control with Windows application
    ➢ Programmable end limits of the dish with GUI
    ➢ Programmable start and stop timing of the tracking with GUI
    ➢ Programmable cloud trigger level with GUI
    ➢ Programmable Overcurrent Protection with GUI
    ➢ Adjustable tracking sensitivity with GUI
    ➢ IP65 rated package
    ➢ 24V operation



  • ➢ Dual axis solar tracker
    ➢ Light sensor assembly
    ➢ Actuators/motors not included