Custom Automation

SMART Power Meter

This product is based on our expertise in the energy monitoring field.

These next-generation meters provide remote monitoring and control of the housing loads across the city.

Custom Automation

Weapon Simulation System

Designed with a very high degree of precision, this system is training simulators used by Indian Security Forces. The purpose of this system is to provide meaningful feedback in the form of performance, root-cause-analysis of errors committed to the trainee and also recommend corrective action.
We had challenges of designing a circuit with wireless protocols that need to comply with Ultra low power, ultra-compact custom-designed circuits, having a maximum diameter of 15mm.

Bulk Manufacturing

Vending Machine Controller Boards

This illustrates our capabilities of bulk manufacturing. In this order, we have designed, developed the system as per the client's requirements and also gave bulk manufacturing solution. We sourced all the components, got it soldered, assembled, and tested.

Custom Automation

Traffic lights controller

The piece of work has been designed for one of our clients from Madhya Pradesh, India. These are specially designed IoT traffic lights controller. It has been installed and working great at MP, India.

Patented Product:

SolTrack - Tracking system for Solar Parabolic reflectors

SolTrack device has been developed for tracking of solar parabolic reflectors.

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Data Acquisition System

It is designed to log different parameters that are required to be monitored and stored in industries.

We have designed different types of products to cater all the ranges of the industry.

Please check them in detail here: