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    Our Services

    Product Design and Firmware Development

    Product Design and Firmware Development

    We offer entire product design skills to develop solutions for new and evolving product requirements. We offer a complete service that takes the product from design concepts to pilot builds to manufacturing. We employ tried-and-true processes to cut costs, accelerate time to market, and ensure the best possible product functionality and quality.

    Quick Prototyping

    We provide a quick prototyping service that supports customers with small-volume builds in shorter lead times. We support our clients by creating small-volume prototyping quickly and efficiently. This helps startups and other companies that need high-quality prototypes quickly produce at a low to medium volume.

    Quick Prototyping-2

    PCB Assembly

    We provide printed circuit board (PCB) assembly from our manufacturing facilities for bulk PCB manufacturing. We have state of the art pick and place machine, ovens and other facility for PCB assembly at our facility.

    3D Printing

    We also provide FDM 3D printing services.

    3D Printing