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    SolTrack – Tracking system for Solar Parabolic reflectors

    Welcome to the world of Solar Tracking Systems – where the sun meets efficiency. Solar Tracking Systems are innovative technologies that enhance the performance of solar energy systems by automatically adjusting the position of solar panels to follow the path of the sun throughout the day. This enables the solar panels to capture more sunlight and generate more energy than fixed systems, which remain stationary throughout the day.


    At our company, we specialize in designing and manufacturing advanced Solar Tracking Systems that utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver optimal performance and efficiency. Our systems are equipped with high-precision sensors, advanced software algorithms, and reliable mechanical components, all designed to ensure precise and accurate tracking of the sun’s movement. By using our Solar Tracking Systems, solar panels can increase their energy output by up to 40%, which translates into a significant return on investment and a reduced payback period.

    Our offering:


    Dual Axis Solar Tracking System for parabolic reflectors:


    •  Tracks sun and keep the focus of the dish inside the receiver
    • Automatically starts in the morning and goes back to morning position in the evening
    • Can drive two 24V DC motors
    • Adjustable motor speed
    • Angle based sun tracking
    • BLE connection for monitoring and control using Android App
    • Programmable end limits of the dish with app
    • Programmable start and stop timing of the tracking with GUI
    • Programmable cloud trigger level with GUI
    • Programmable Overcurrent Protection with GUI
    • Adjustable tracking sensitivity with GUI
    • IP65 rated package
    • 24V operation



    • Dual axis solar tracker
    • Light sensor assembly
    • Actuators/motors not included

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